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Hot Pocket / Jun 06, 2013
Al Kasava - Fight in a massive 150v150 battleground! Capture the enemy's flag and return it to your base for points, but watch out - your flag needs to be protected, too!

In-game cash shop updates and optimization

Minor localization errors in Al Kasava, nothing game-breaking but scheduled for correction in next patch.
Hot Pocket / May 23, 2013
Level cap increase - Arkana can now reach level 34 and use brand new skills and equipment!

New Level Permissions - In an effort to combat third-party sales activity, the following levels must be reached to use various game functions:

The Consignment Shop (Auction House) is now available to characters of any level.
Level 10 - Use area chat or whispers
Level 25 - Participate in a trade with another character.
Level 25 - Send mail to another character (you can still receive mail at any level, so your alternate characters and low level friends/guildies can still get items to help them level up)

Ranking Boards - Compete with other Arkana for the top spot on our new ranking boards! Simply click the "Rank" button in the bottom right corner of the interface!

Barbiron - Adventure in a brand new zone and complete new quests for gear, experience, and other prizes! Recommended level 30+

Subterranean Factory - Explore this level 30 dungeon by yourself or with a group and take down FOUR powerful new bosses!

Viledon - Complete exciting new escort missions across a dangerous open-PvP zone while fighting tough new monsters.

Improved new database stability systems.
Fixed a large portion of reported quest dialog/localization issues.
Addressed a random issue with skill resets (points should now be returned correctly when used).

Level 32 Defender Gloves mislabeled as Kneeguards.
Some minor localization issues still need fixed (set for next patch).
Missing Character Information
Hot Pocket / Apr 22, 2013
Caergate Invasion (for lvl. 29) has been added! Steel your nerves and ready your body to fight the Dirgebane
Blood Spawn Portal(for lvl. 29)Is now in effect! Fight both epic monsters and other players. Succeed and be rewarded with important resources
New Event “Spring Flower” has been added! Collect flowers from dungeons or arenas....

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